Blue Mountain No.1 coffee beans 200 g

Roast after your ordering. After that, it will be shipped by EMS immediately.
We use 100% of the Blue Mountain No.1 Coffee.

It is used means the highest quality in one of the few Blue Mountain No.1 100% authentic Blue Mountain coffee.

Beans of Screen 17/18 sizes with maximum defects of 2% and maximum of 4% smaller (lower case) beans.

Japan imports more than 70% among Blue Mountain Coffee from long time ago.
Then the Japanese Blue Mountain Coffee is genuine.

I enter the barrel of the tree and am imported.

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Content amount 200 g
Raw materials Coffee beans
How to save As possible store at room temperature in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity if you banged it drink in as little as two weeks.
Put in Ziploc bags, including package to retain more than two weeks, refrigerated and frozen storage please.
Shelf life expiration date 1 month
This product is manufactured. Please note that it will take 1-2 weeks to arrive.

Price: 5,510 JPY

How to grind :Please choose 1)~5)
1)Whole bean
2)Medium powder
4)Fine powder
5)Espresso use

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Central America
Middle East
EuropeSouth America
Up to 500g1,400 yen2,000 yen2,200 yen2,400 yen
Up to 600g1,540 yen2,180 yen2,400 yen2,740 yen
Up to 700g1,680 yen2,360 yen2,600 yen3,080 yen
Up to 800g1,820 yen2,540 yen2,800 yen3,420 yen
Up to 900g1,960 yen2,720 yen3,000 yen3,760 yen
Up to 1.0kg2,100 yen2,900 yen3,200 yen4,100 yen
Up to 1.25kg2,400 yen3,300 yen3,650 yen4,900 yen
Up to 1.5kg2,700 yen3,700 yen4,100 yen5,700 yen
Up to 1.75kg3,000 yen4,100 yen4,550 yen6,500 yen
Up to 2.0kg3,300 yen4,500 yen5,000 yen7,300 yen
Up to 2.5kg3,800 yen5,200 yen5,800 yen8,800 yen
Up to 3.0kg4,300 yen5,900 yen6,600 yen10,300 yen
Up to 3.5kg4,800 yen6,600 yen7,400 yen11,800 yen
Up to 4.0kg5,300 yen7,300 yen8,200 yen13,300 yen
Up to 4.5kg5,800 yen8,000 yen9,000 yen14,800 yen
Up to 5.0kg6,300 yen8,700 yen9,800 yen16,300 yen

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Title: Order beans
Phone No.

Blue Mountain No.1 coffee beans 200 g(@5510JPY) x pcs
How to grind :Please choose 1)~5)
1)Whole bean
2)Medium powder
4)Fine powder
5)Espresso use


大西 文明
大西 文明
愛知県瀬戸市で、コーヒー豆販売の専門店Coffee SAKURAを2001年に創業し、代表をしています。


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